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Date: July 2013

Mothers with infants make up a significant segment of the US workforce, and the number is increasing every year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 57% of all women with infants under a year old are working or looking for work. But when new mothers return to work, lack of information and support leads […]

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Starting October 2013, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to distribute to employees a notice about the new Health Insurance Exchange (or “marketplace”). It’s one of the “Employer Responsibilities” under the federal healthcare reform law. Although the ACA’s Shared Responsibility (“play-or-pay”) and IRS reporting requirements for organizations with 50 or more […]

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For over a decade, California employers have been required to provide new mothers with a private place and a reasonable amount of extra break time whenever they need to express (pump) breast milk. Before 2013, there was an exception that applied to smaller (under 50 employee) companies, which allowed these employers to refuse an accommodation […]

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When we think about “a law,” we usually mean a statute that is enacted when a majority of legislators vote to pass a bill that is signed by the Governor or President. In addition to statutory law, the executive agencies – such as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission […]

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