Severe Penalties for Violating Company Policy 10:36, December 9, 2016

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Date: December 2016

Employees are an employer’s greatest assets, but we can also be liabilities (literally) when we don’t take our employer’s interests and workplace policies seriously. We can be fired, sued, and even imprisoned for actions that violate company policy. While we should all strive to be good people, we need to be conscious of decisions that […]

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A federal district court judge in Pennsylvania wasn’t impressed by a manufacturer’s claims that it was a “blue collar workplace” and that in such environments, where foul language or joking among coworkers is common, it’s hard for an employee to prove that her work environment was hostile. “That a particular workplace is considered ‘blue collar’—whatever that is […]

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A changing political climate produces a lot of news stories. As with any incoming presidency, legal experts forecast the future of federal laws and regulations under a different administration, and agencies make staffing changes to prepare for 2017. Sure, forecasting can help us plan. But we shouldn’t miss out on action items we can incorporate […]

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