Diversity Training: A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Course 18:24, June 5, 2017

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Date: February 2017

We live in a vast, diverse world. There is no denying and no escaping it–instead, we can choose to be open and adapt to it. Though workplace diversity training has been met with its fair share of skepticism, a strong approach and strategic implementation techniques are key to making a successful impact. With the release […]

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Multiple enforcement actions against acts of bribery and corruption help strengthen the need for businesses to implement employee conduct training as part of an effective ethics and compliance program. Compliance training is a critical component in both preventing and remedying alleged acts of corruption and bribery, as shown by recent enforcement actions. For example, the […]

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It was a true data security horror story. Hackers, according to a recent appeals court opinion in Pennsylvania, accessed and stole confidential information of 62,000 employees and former employees of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). The information included names, birth dates, social security numbers, tax information, addresses, salaries, and bank information which employees […]

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Failure to devise and enforce sufficient internal accounting controls to require compliance with a company’s business code of conduct violates the Securities Exchange Act (Act), according to a recent order issued by the  Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC imposed a $2.4 million fine against United Airlines’ parent company (United) for violating the Act’s […]

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