Harnessing a Workplace Culture of Purpose 17:36, July 15, 2016

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Meaning. Purpose. Fulfillment. All of the aforementioned terms make up what many businesses strive to achieve in creating and harnessing a healthy corporate culture. Successful companies can generate a positive impact for their employees by fostering and integrating goals that benefit not only the business’ core activities, but the workers’ experience as well. A Business […]

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In June 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pursued 35 enforcement actions and received over $50 million against various persons and companies who violated, or were believed to have violated, federal securities laws. Breaking these actions apart can inform how companies should focus their anti-corruption and ethical conduct compliance efforts. Complaints Nearly half (46%) […]

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The US Supreme Court recently ruled on how far a federal corruption statute applies to international business. During the 1990s, cigarette smuggling in Europe and between the United States and Canada greatly increased. In fact, cigarette smuggling was so rampant that in 1994, Canada sharply cut its anti-smoking taxes to combat widespread smuggling from the […]

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Employees who refused to cooperate in an investigation were fired for cause and not eligible for employment benefits, even though they were found not guilty. In 2004 New York Attorney General (AG) Eliot Spitzer began investigating “contingent commission” arrangements, under which insurance brokers are paid to steer clients to particular insurance carriers. Contingent commission arrangements […]

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Vincent Beacom was vice president of sales in the Americas division of the Retail Global Business Unit (RGBU) of Oracle America, Inc. The RGBU is a small part of Oracle’s business, generating 0.4% of Oracle’s revenue. RGBU Americas generates only 0.19% of Oracle’s revenue. Beacom disapproved of the methods for projecting quarterly sales revenue that […]

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When faced with a difficult decision, an employee may understand ethical decision-making, but both internal and external pressures can push them to rationalize or make the wrong choice. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) news release, employees at two US companies paid bribes to Chinese officials in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act […]

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A 2015 Gallup poll found business executives at the bottom of professions when it comes to people’s perception of workplace ethics. They have company: just below them are lobbyists, telemarketers, and members of Congress. It’s hardly surprising. Corporate scandals headlined 2015, from Volkswagen cheating on emissions tests to FIFA officials being indicted for racketeering and […]

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