Repeat AB 1825 Training & New Learning 0:27, August 1, 2016

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Repeat AB 1825 Training & New Learning

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California supervisors must spend two hours training every two years on preventing sexual harassment under AB 1825.

Many supervisors balk at reviewing the same materials or watching the same videos. To keep the subject fresh, LawRoom redesigns and produces new, interactive, and engaging online courses for each AB 1825 training year. Our goal is not only to reinforce past learning, but also to teach something new.

For example, here’s one unsolicited comment from a supervisor who recently completed our 2011 Supervisor Anti-Harassment (AB1825) course. He’d just completed an exercise based on a real case involving a saleswoman spanked at work, and he says he learned something new:

“Thank you for your excellent explanation. It has finally sunk into my brain why this case was not sexual harassment, and it was a good lesson for me to learn. Your point is very well made that we are looking at sexual harassment, and that not all illegal or inappropriate behavior of that nature qualifies as sexual harassment. (As was shown earlier in this module.)

This is a tough subject to really grasp in detail, but I feel like I am making real progress. Just to let you know, working here in California for the past 32 years I have undergone many sexual harassment training exercise and activities. This time, however, it is being explained more clearly than ever before, and I really like the fact we can ask questions like this. Thank you again for helping me to really see the distinction in this case.”

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